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Mayor Ballard,

Your nominee to Public Safety Director, Frank Straub, has recently stated in an interview with the Indianapolis Star (viewable here: that he opposes gun ownership in Indianapolis. Additionally, he has historically used his position as White Plains Public Safety Commissioner to actively lobby the US Congress for stronger Federal gun control measures. While Indiana law may somewhat limit the actions this man can take locally, he has expressed a desire to bring his anti-gun campaign to Indianapolis through Federal preemption.

You have given this dedicated gun-control proponent a sandbox to play in and a soapbox to stand on. I am greatly disappointed in your decision to hire Frank Straub. I will remember this when deciding who to support in 2011. In many ways I'd rather elect an honest Democrat that I disagree with than a dishonest Republican who shakes my hand at a gun show and then hires the most anti-gun Director of Public Safety he can find.

Ben Swenson

There isn't a lot most individuals can do on a national level, but a local level is a different story. If you live, work or visit Indianapolis, give the Mayor a piece of your mind. Politely, of course.
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