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[Ben]:An idea whose time has come: Franks Red Hot Salt Discuss This [0 comments so far] View Comments
Removing the liquid component from Franks Original Red Hot Sauce results in a salty/spicy flavoring that could be used for rubs on meats, as a sprinkle-on seasoning for foods, seasoning for chips and popcorn, or anywhere that salt would be added but an extra kick is desired.

If you want to test this yourself, fill the bottom of a ceramic or glass bowl with 1/8" of Franks Original Red Hot Sauce. Let sit overnight. Scrape the resulting crust from the bottom of the bowl and crush into a powder.

So, until Big Hot Sauce gets their act in gear, you too can try this creation.

I think I'm going to submit this idea to Reckitt Benckiser Inc.
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An idea whose time has come: Franks Red Hot Salt
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