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[Ben]:Spam filters, spare tires and early mornings Discuss This [4 comments so far] View Comments
I've recently installed some "intelligent message filtering" on my Exchange server. I'm playing with settings and hopefully we'll get a nice balance between killing spam and keeping good mail.

A pure POP3 account probably won't benefit much from the filtering, but Outlook Web Access will, and Outlook 2003 will get the hint.

Only the most certain messages are blocked, most are sent to a Junk Mail folder.


Jon had a nasty flat (1/2" sidewall puncture) on West Washington last night and I ran over to help him. His spare was flat too.

Saved again by an electric tire pump.


This morning I was up at 0500 and at work at 0545 for the benefit of a Time Warner Telecom technician. Oh happy day.
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Spam filters, spare tires and early mornings
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